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    1. tree tops

      Return List

      ● TTBP

      Product Name: Tris(tribromoneopentyl)phosphate


      MF: C15H24Br9O4P

      MW: 1018.46

      CAS NO: 19186-97-1

      Purpose: An additive flame retardant developed for applications such as PP and HIPS to reach class V-2 according to the UL 94 standard, with outstanding UV and light stability. It was designed initially to provide an answer in the fast growing and developing field of PP, where the market was in need of a new more sophisticated flame retardant. The combination of both a high bromine content(70%)and phosphorous(3%)contributes to its excel lent flame retardant efficiency. The high melting temperature of the FR-370 permits production of highly filled master batch concentrates In addition as FR-370 is melt blendable and melts at the processing temperature of PP. It is easy to process and can improve flow ability. It solves the previously unanswered problem of blooming in flame retardant grades of PP.