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      Return List

      ● MCA

      Product Name: Melamine cyanurate


      MF: C6H9N9O3

      MW: 217.43

      CAS NO: 37640-57-6

      Purpose: MCA is used as a flame retardant, and has good compatibility with high polymer, less dosage, flame retardant effect; as a polymer concrete additives, can enhance the concrete strength, prolongs the service life; as lubricating oil additives, oil saving effect is very obvious, can be in high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, low pressure is widely used in various working conditions of machinery lubrication, especially suitable for requirements of high cleanliness, no greasy food industrial machinery lubrication. As a coating for chemical cleaning agent, and resin adhesion is good, not easy to fall off and causing pollution; used as a skin cosmetic raw materials, does not impair the physiological function of human body, a protective effect on the skin; as a halogen-free fire retardant can be used for a variety of thermoplastic plastics.