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      Return List

      ● Antioxidant36

      Product Name: Bis(2,6-di-ter-butyl-4-methylphenyl)pentaerythritol-diphosphite

      Chemical:: Bis(2,6-di-ter-butyl-4-methylphenyl)pentaerythritol-diphosphite

      Structure type:

      MF: C35H54O6P2

      MW: 632.75

      CAS NO:80693-00-1

      Purpose: The product is a kind of high-effective solid phosphate ester antioxidant, which is superior to other phosphate ester in the effective protection of polymers’ color. It is often blended with phenolic principal antioxidant to prepare composite antioxidant which improves the thermo-stability of polymer processing, thus making it widely applied in PE, PP, PS, PA, PC, ABS and many other polymer materials.