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      Return List

      ● Antioxidant1726

      Product Name: 2,4-Bis(dodecylthiomethyl)-6-methylphenol

      Chemical:: 2,4-Bis(dodecylthiomethyl)-6-methylphenol

      Structure type:

      MF: C33H60OS2

      MW: 536.96

      CAS NO:110675-26-8

      Purpose: a multifunctional phenolic antioxidant suitable for stabilization of organic polymers particularly of adhesives, specially Hot Melt Adhesives(HMA) based on unsaturated polymers such as SBS or SIS as well as Solvent Born Adhesives (SBA) based on elastomers(Natural Rubber NR, Chloroprene Rubber CR, SBR, etc) and Water Born Adhesives,. Synox-1726 is also suitable for the stabilization of block-copolymers such as SBS and SIS and for Polyurethane Products such as PUR sealants