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Hello Friends, Today we have posted some Birthday Sms, Happy Birthday Sms, Birthday Wishes Sms, Birthday Sms Messages, Birthday Sms Quotes. In this post you will get most popular Birthday Sms, Happy Birthday Sms, Birthday Wishes Sms, Birthday Sms Messages, Birthday Sms Quotes in English font. If you search on google for Birthday SMS Wishes, than you will get huge result but you will not get as you want.

Birthday SMS:

1) Look outside Its so pleasant, Sun smiling for u, Trees dancing for u, Birds singing for u, Because I requested them All to wish u "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

2) Millions Of Greetings! Thousands Of Colours! Hundreds of Wishes! Kg's Of Cakes! Lot's of Smiles! That's What I Ask God 2 Give U Throughout ur Life! HaPpY BirthDay.....

3) This msg has no Fat, No cholesterol and no Addictive, This is all natural except With a lot of sugar. But it can never be as sweet as the one reading it. Happy Birthday!

4) Happy birthday to you. May you have many more. You have been a great friend to me. I have a little wish, may we be friends Till the world ends.

5) "If there's something that you're dreaming Of then may it all come true, Because you deserve it all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

6) Understand how Beautifully God Has added one More day in your Life..... Not because You need it... But because Someone else needs you.., "HaPPY BithrdAy"!!!

7) May u have all da joy ur heart can hold. All the smiles a day can bring. All the blesings a life can unfold. May u have gods best in everything. Happy Birthday.

8) I know its your birthday today.. I am sure u will give me treat in a big hotel.. so I shall talk to you in person there, because I don?t know to express my feelings in SMS


10) Near or far wherever U are, My best wishes are with U, Aap jiyo hazaro saal, May success & joy be yours everyday, Yehi hai meri wish heart se! ?Happy Birthday?

11) Sweetheart! u r so beautiful my love 4u will always b true, here?s a wish 4 my darling? may all your dreams come true & i wish u a very happy birthday. with lots of love and kisses? from a heart that beats?just 4 you by me.

12) Because You Are Someome Very Special Sister, It's So Nice To Have This Chance To Wish You Best Of Everything A Whole Year In Advance Happy Birthday Sister!

13) The Child Was Bon, Parents Were Blessed And I Am So Lucky To Have U As My Friend Happy Birthday To Dear

14) On This Thanksgiving Day I Wish To Say That I M Honored To Have U In My Life Thanks For Loving And Caring For Me.

15) Cos today is your day, its an opportunity for u to know that u are special and special things are for u today, i wish u all the best. Happy birth day. Love u!

16) I may not be by your side.. Celebrating your special day with you.. But i want you to know that i am thinking of you & wishing you a wonderful birthday !

17) I am dancing and singing on your birthday! Only that you cant see me!! Happy birthday Wish I was celebrating with you.

18) This day only comes along once a year, So i hope it is allright to take Advantage of the opportunity And give you my "UNEXPECTED HUG". "HAPPY BIRTHDAY "!

19) May this day fill your home with prosperity, Your heart with love, Your life with happiness. HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY.

20) Have birthday to you my friend May u have many more B-days to come, More friends and success May come to your way!!

21) (B)e yourself (I)nvite new challenges (R)ecall past triumphs (T)rust ur instincts (H)ave faith in ur abilities (D)esire nly d best (A)ffirm ur strength (Y)ou're got wat it takes! WISH U A MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF D DAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

22) On your birthday, I would like to give you Some words of wisdom . . . . . . . Smile while you still have teeth. Many many happy returns of the day

23) Happy birthday to you, Even though i wish it earlier I do not cared. Don't forget about our friendship, That we’ve shared.

24) You can spend Hundreds on birthdays, Thousands on festivals, Lakhs on weddings, But to celebrate All you have to spend is your TIME.

25) Life is very short, So enjoy every moment, Dont lose your confidence Go always ahead. Happy Birthday

26) Many many happy returns of the day and May u Live lOng as Long as more Than Devil.

27) Kick off ur shoes,take a break,Crank the tunes,Dance &Shake,light the candles,cut the cake .Make ita a day,thats simply Great!!! Happy BDay..

28) Some like Sunday Some like Monday, But i like Your Birthday.Happy Birthday my sweetheart

29) Kick off ur shoes, take a break, Crank the tunes, Dance & Shake, light the candles, cut the cake. Make it a day, thats simply Great!!! Happy BDay..

30) A Birthday is A Million Moments, Each holding A Promise Of Fulfillment Of UR Dreams, & ACCOMPLISHMENTS Of Some Special Plans.. Wish U A Very Happy Birthday

31) i know its ur birthday 2day.. iam sure ul give me treat in a big hotel.. so i shall talk to u in person there, coz i dunno to xpress my feelings in SMS.

32) How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older?:)

33) Hey,u r 1 year older now,1 year smarter now,1 year bigger now,and now u r 1 year closer to all your wishes.happy birthday.

34) If lovers are like moon and Brothers are like stars than i have noticed that the sky looks good without moon but not without stars i.e. YOU Happy Birthday,

35) Somebody up there Loves you Somebody down here cares for you Happy Birthday!!!

36) In soft gleaming of stars.. may all ur dreams come true, may evry star of every night bring love and joy to you Happy Birthday ....

37) Happy birthday to you, Even though i wish it earlier i dun cared. Dun forget bout our friendship, that weve shared.

38) I know its your birthday today.. I am sure u will give me treat in a big hotel.. so I shall talk to you in person there, because I dont know to express my feelings in SMS.

39) In soft gleaming night of stars, May all your dreams come true. May every star of every night, Bring love and joy to you. Happy Birthday to you.


42) Happy birthday 2 u, happy birthday 2 u! u were born in d zoo u were born in d zoo with d monkeys ‘n donkeys dats looks just like u!

43) Before the clock strikes twelve let me take the opportunity to let you know that you have grown a year more.. Happy birthday..

44) Smile is a curve that sets everything straight and wipes wrinkle away hope u share a lots and receive a lots 4 days 2 come happy Birthday ....

45) Its a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you, someone needs youbut it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY .

46) Birthdays are 4 fun Enjoy a sticky bun Im glad u r my mate Hope ur birthdays great.

47) This day, when the most beautiful female MIND was born, is my most beautiful day. Luv and Long live.

48) Today is a day of celebration. Why? Because, years ago on the same day, GOD sent me my flesh and bone conscience. Wishing my friendly inner voice a very happy birthday

49) This msg has No Fat No cholesterol n No Addictive this is all natural except, with a lot of sugar. But it can never be as sweet as the one reading it.Happy Birthday

50) Its just another day, but this one is the best of the year! Happy Birthday my sweetheart.

51) The child was born, parents were blessed and i am so lucky to have u as my friend. Happy Birthday to you.

52) Wish you a many many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

53) Sending birthday blessings Filled with love and peace and joy Wishing sweetest things happen Right before your eyes !

54) Wish you a very happy birthday May life lead you 2 great happiness success and hope dat all your wishes comes true! enjoy your day.

55) Wishing u a day soft as silk white as milk sweet as honey & full of money.May all ur dreams come true.. HAPPY BIRTH DAY

56) One day sky was crying. I ask him why are you Crying today. He told me i have lost my Beautiful start. It was a day when you were born. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".

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